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Graphic Design

Did you fall into the free trap? Let me rephrase that… Did you choose to use a site like VistaPrint to design your business cards, logo, brochures, etc. or worse use a program like Word? I hope not, because 9 times out of 10 your competitors are probably using the same service.

Web Design

Web design is much more than a site with some pretty pictures and a domain name. There is an intricate science behind the design of a website. Things such as colors, fonts, functionality and layout should all be very carefully thought through.


Photography is much more than point, click, shoot and I fully understand that. Photography in the Charlotte or Triad area, for any type of need such as weddings, corporate events, headshots, etc., should tell a story, even if its only one picture or a complete photo set.


From wedding video coverage to promotional videos or commercials in the Charlotte/Triad Area, I’m best at helping you tell stories with the videos that we’ll put together. EVERY video should tell a story.


United Way
Forsyth Futures
Charlotte Teachers Institute
First Waughtown Baptist Church
Maya Angelou Institute
All Seasons Turf Care
Life Deeds